Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mass Conjuction of Planets!!

                Planet  placed in horoscope with out any conjunction is very rare , generally they have connected with one anther either in aspect or conjunction . Positive planets may give the negative effect and negative planet may give the positive effect due to the conjunction , apart from that these conjunction gives so may " Yogam " in astro world. Negative things are focused in the horoscope if the planets conjunction is there. Vast level of negative things are focused if the number of planets together in one house. This video is going to explain about what type of interpretation can make in this scenario.



Astrologer Shivashankara said...

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Suresh Gnanasuriyan said...

dear sir,
Kutta graham video is excellent.My son born on 17.8.2004 7.50 am,at vellore .He is simha &rasi lagna,in lagna sun,mars,jupitar,mercury altogether 5 planets .But all in atchi,natpu,only.He is very good in studies and sports.His 10 place is empty .but ,10 th house planet is in conjucation with sani at eleventy place.Guru parvai is there .since ,as per your poem my oredictionis he will become a doctor since conjucation of sun and mars in kendra and in navaamsa ,the ten house planet sun is in 6th house that is house of marse (ucham).I am not a astrologer .by seeing your video i m giving my ideas

Suresh Gnanasuriyan said...

Please reply sir.Thank you

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